Saturday, February 6

mE last post was a little less than depressing....HA! I was so overwhelmed as was obvious. I'm a little better now. I have finished my four tests, quiz, and one assignment for this weekend. You would think after all that that i could relax, but i think i have another test next week..bLA! it's hard to keep up with everything.
Anyway, today i've been looking at pictures of when i was younger and realizing what an ugly child i was...haha...ok i wasn't that bad, but seriously! I had braces and glasses and my hair..well i didn't do anything with it and my clothing options were less than stellar. hmmm.....well i know that pretty much nobody reads this..but i guess i could say a little about myself. I love to turn my iPod speakers as loud as they will go (family doesn't really appreciate that) in the bathroom while i'm doing my hair. I grab my comb or straightner and hold it up to myself as if it was a mike. All of a sudden i'm singing with Michael BUble in front of a roaring crowd. I even sneak in a few sweet moves. One of my favorite things to eat is brEAdsTicks and hotfudge. Triscuits and cottage cheese is amazing too. Most of the time i am moody. I hate it, but it happens. I'm trying to work on that, to no avail, but i'm tryin! I'm more of the glass is half empty and anybody who knows me knows that i'm sarcastic. Pretty much that's my middle name. Sometimes i'm a little tinsy bit too sArCAstic, but *sniff* i can't help it. If i wasn't saracastic i wouldn't really say a whole lot..HA! isn't that reassuring.
WHat else to say....i love listening to Donny Osmond for anybody who even knows who that is and i also think that the Beatles are THE best band ever to have inhabited this earth. They are SO amazing!!! My mom's a fan and has all of their records. I would sit there by the phonograph and play Beatles album after Beatles album. *sigh* bliss i tell you...I've started a new years resolution to not drink pop. I pretty much drank it 24/7 so i thought it would be a good goal. Usually i don't even bother making resolutions, but i'm actually keeping this one! (so far) Oh man, i'm tellin' ya, last night i wanted a coke really really bad with my enchilada. But i resisted. Booya. hmmmmm.....guess that's all for now. I'm just gonna keep rockin' to some sweet tunes :)

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