Wednesday, April 28

muse, buble, and other findings...

Holy's been a while since i've blogged. My bad. HA! Well, a few things have come to pass since my last post. I went to Michael Buble's concert. It was pretty much amazing i'm not gonna lie. There was a group called Naturally 7 that was the show opener. They were so good!!! They sounded like a band was accompanying them, but it was all their amazing vocal skillz :) I would DEFinitely check them out. I think their new album comes out this June. After they left the stage, the house lights went dim and the screaming began. We all knew what this meant! So here is my mother and I screaming for this truly delicious, delectable man. The music starts and you can see Mr. Buble's shadow behind the curtain as if he was leading an orchestra. All of a sudden the curtains swing open and there he is...the cute little baby faced Michael with the smoothest vocals since the rat pack. He sounds just as amazing as he does on his album. He definitely knows how to win the crowd with his sUavE little moves in his handsome suit. One thing i like is that he is very personable with the crowd. He is constantly thanking us, his devoted fans, for getting him where he is today. Needless to say (so why am i saying it...haha) it was a great night, one both me and my mother will cherish for years to come. i love my Buble.
I also went to another concert by MUSE!!!!! So i enjoyed Michael's concert, but there is just something about being at a rock concert (well they are more alternative rock) on the floor jumping up and down to the music being smooshed by tons of other random sweaty people. I was literally soaked from head to toe in sweat and i'm pretty sure that all of that sweat wasn't mine...haha. I was right up there in the front of the crowd like five feet away from the stage. It was pretty epic i have to say. To see the band right up close and all their awesomeness. Went with my bud Shane and it was great. I'm glad he drove because that was the night of the biggest snow storm eva and he had all wheel drive and snow tires....booya. We finally got to the exit for the canyon and guess was closed...supa!! So we had to wait to get through the canyon and when we finally got into the canyon we had to wait while they cleared some trucks that were stuck. But totally flippin' worth it!!!!!
Hmmm....well finals are over and i finally got over a 3.0 which makes me so stinkin' happy. For whoever reads this you might be, she is dumb because she can't even get a three point average. Well all ya'll can go climb a tree. I work full time, sometimes averaging 80 and 90 hours a paycheck so there! I just am not always able to spend that much time with school, but i finally got it high enough to apply for nursing school. I'm done with everything now just gotta wait to get in now. I think it will be nice to have a break and just work. Gonna have to find some kind of hobby now...well, that is pretty much it on the updates. I know my life is so full of....nothing really. I'm quite a boring person most the time...haha....except when its been a busy day and it's like 11:00 at night i start to get giGgly. Almost like i'm drunk, but i don't even have to get drunk to act like it. I'm also gonna have to start looking for new friends because guess what!?!? All my friends are leaving me. Let's make a list shall we?!?!
Tiff----going on a mission
Ashley---getting married
other Ashley---left on a mission
Z---leaving on a mission
Alora---left on a mission
Elisabeth---left on a mission
Jenna---moved far far away
Shane and Jake---leaving me in August to leave the country
Believe me....i'm sure if i wasn't singing to MichAEl JAcksOn's 'Rock With You' right now, i would be able to think of more peeps to add to my lovely list. Other than feeling sorry for myself about having no friends *tear* i am doing quite well. I have one more class that i'm doing during the summer and just gonna be working pretty much (i've got to stop using this phrase so much) full time. Bring it on...i'm excited for summer and warm weather and to whip my butt (and thighs) into shape :)

Thursday, March 25

mR. dARcy

wow...i'm a terrible blogger...i I don't really ever have anything profound to say or atleast anything somebody would really want to read. I'm assuming anyone is going to read this...haha. So, life is just great. I still work my booty off and pretend i care about school. Ha! I haven't been so gungho on working out an hour every day. I've just been so flippin' tired from work that i just don't do it. Which isn't helping my chances of winning the contest at work....oh well.
Spring break went by and i pretty much worked, but i did spend a lot.....LOT..of money on scrubs and clothes. Which by the way.....nobody, well at least my friends just don't understand the excitement of buying new scrubs. I spent an hour trying on scrubs because i'm super picky about them (that probably is a tad weird and anal on my part) I did buy some new clothes though (what's the point since i work all the time..hardly have time to where normal clothes, haha)
I have to say that i LOVE movies like Pride and Prejudice. In fact, i watched it yesterday and my heart just started pounding when Mr. Darcy (insert heavy sigh) at the very end came to Elizabeth and asked her to marry him....again. I guess i'm a hopeless romantic and Jane Austen's stories have always been a favorite of mine. I just love the way they talked and the way men were true gentleman (not that you can't find a few of those today). I just fall to pieces when i watch those films. Maybe someday i'll find my Mr. Darcy, haha...until then i'll just have to settle for the perfect hollywood version. ;)

Friday, March 12

life has been going just peachy keen for me. and what a great day because next week is my spring break even though i don't really go to my one class i have on campus anyway...haha. work is just blissful as always. work we have started this "biggest loser" thing and who ever loses the most percentage of their body weight wins. i plan to win.....(insert evil laugh)
so everyday i've been working out an hour in the morning and it feels A-mazing!!! i love the feeling. i feel like i'm doing something good for my body and all i gotta say is it ;) haha...i am actually going to workout right after this because i have chosen to sit on my duff most the morning doing absolutely nothing. it's one of those things that i hate to have to get up and do, but once i get started i love it.
random i think old couples are absolutely 'em. i was taking care of this lady and her husband sat next to her all day. he would pat her head with a cloth and caress her hand and tell her that everything was going to be alright. Looking at those two i almost cried because he was constantly there for her. That's exactly what i want...a marriage that will last and have a man who will always stand by me no matter what. Maybe even one of those old guys who will hold his wife's hand and go grocery shopping with me when we are 80 years old :) that's all....haha...

Monday, March 1

WhaT a grEAt daY!

So last week was (scuse my french) super shitty. i procrastinated everything and left everything for school till the last minute. I had minimal sleep and thought i had lost my folder with all my papers for my nursing application. Everything was crashing down on me all at once. I seriously thought that i just hit a brick waLL going 90 miles and hour. I had been trying to do everything...the 15 in general by myself. But it doesn't work that way!!! I needed to include Christ in my life. He's just waiting there for me, but i wasn't letting him in. And let me tell's SO much easier to just let him take over. I was feeling so completely lost and really felt like giving up. Honestly i've NEVER felt this low in my life.
I feel so great today! Today is a new day and it's time for me to change. Both my annoying computer classes are over and i turned in my nursing application today....*woot woot* With that stress gone hopefully i can pay more attention to my more important classes. Sometimes it's the simple things that we tend to forget or look over. Christ has SO much loVe for us that all he wants us to do is come to him. I have needed his help for so long and it feels wonderful to feel his love! This church is really so great and TrUE!!! My heart is so full with gratitude. Heck...even my day started out great with having to wake up for a 7:30 class.
I feel super happy and like i could take on the world....don't worry i'm not gonna get ahead of myself here. Baby steps are what i need...haha. It has been a beautiful day today and I took a couple walks to the post office and such. This weather is amazing! It's 45 degrees, but it feels so warm to me ;) Well off to do some chem homework (bla) and rock on to PAramORe :D

Saturday, February 20 i've probably said in every post i'm SuPEr stressed. I just manage to leave everything till the last minute, including applying to nursing school. Yesterday i was running around trying to get everything done so i can turn it in next week. I really don't understand why i leave absolutely EVerYthinG till the very last second when it stresses me out SO much. But i don't think i'll be changin' any time soon....well, my life is pretty much the same. It really doesn't change...which sounds lame, but true. Valentines Day was dumb. I refrained from doing a whole post on how stupid i think it is. Complete waste of a holiday if you ask me, but who's asking. I just do work and and school....sorry there isn't anything really super interesting to add to my blog. When something slightly interesting comes along then i'll blog again....

Saturday, February 6

mE last post was a little less than depressing....HA! I was so overwhelmed as was obvious. I'm a little better now. I have finished my four tests, quiz, and one assignment for this weekend. You would think after all that that i could relax, but i think i have another test next week..bLA! it's hard to keep up with everything.
Anyway, today i've been looking at pictures of when i was younger and realizing what an ugly child i was...haha...ok i wasn't that bad, but seriously! I had braces and glasses and my hair..well i didn't do anything with it and my clothing options were less than stellar. hmmm.....well i know that pretty much nobody reads this..but i guess i could say a little about myself. I love to turn my iPod speakers as loud as they will go (family doesn't really appreciate that) in the bathroom while i'm doing my hair. I grab my comb or straightner and hold it up to myself as if it was a mike. All of a sudden i'm singing with Michael BUble in front of a roaring crowd. I even sneak in a few sweet moves. One of my favorite things to eat is brEAdsTicks and hotfudge. Triscuits and cottage cheese is amazing too. Most of the time i am moody. I hate it, but it happens. I'm trying to work on that, to no avail, but i'm tryin! I'm more of the glass is half empty and anybody who knows me knows that i'm sarcastic. Pretty much that's my middle name. Sometimes i'm a little tinsy bit too sArCAstic, but *sniff* i can't help it. If i wasn't saracastic i wouldn't really say a whole lot..HA! isn't that reassuring.
WHat else to say....i love listening to Donny Osmond for anybody who even knows who that is and i also think that the Beatles are THE best band ever to have inhabited this earth. They are SO amazing!!! My mom's a fan and has all of their records. I would sit there by the phonograph and play Beatles album after Beatles album. *sigh* bliss i tell you...I've started a new years resolution to not drink pop. I pretty much drank it 24/7 so i thought it would be a good goal. Usually i don't even bother making resolutions, but i'm actually keeping this one! (so far) Oh man, i'm tellin' ya, last night i wanted a coke really really bad with my enchilada. But i resisted. Booya. hmmmmm.....guess that's all for now. I'm just gonna keep rockin' to some sweet tunes :)

Wednesday, February 3

Just call me Princess Mia.

i should probably be studying right now because i have four tests this weekend...BLA! Anyway, today is my first day i've had off in a week. Having class at 7:30 in the morning and then going to work that night is absolutely killing me. I couldn't even manage to sleep in past nine this past weekend. I'm so flippin' stressed with school and work, i'm getting zits on my neck!! Yes, i know to some this may sound quite disgusting, but i'm a cna...nothing disgusts me anymore. Ok, so it was just one zit, but still. And i think i'm getting sick. I NEVER get sick...ever. Sorry i know this post is more of just me bitchin' and complain', but who doesn't once in a while...i mean really.
I kind of feel like Princess Mia off of Princess Diaries. I'm still stuck in that stage where her hair is all frizzy and she has those horrible glasses on and she is invisible to everyone. Just in that awkward stage where she isn't yet a princess. I know this sounds weird and i'm probably quite delirious after so many days at work. Just one moment i feel as though i can do it...i can do the 15 credits and work a ton and still have time to play. Then there are times where i sit here and think, what the flip am i thinking?!?! I can't do this! I'm crazy!! Pretty much i'm married to work and it isn't a happy marriage at that...ha! The other day at work i just felt like crying just because i was SO stressed with everything goin' on right now. I'm sure it could get worse, but hoLy mOly bATman! I'm past the point of no return here. I've gone past the point of being burned out. And if i get sick i'm seriously not gonna be happy. I don't freakin' have time to get sick!!! UGH! maybe i'll feet better next week once all my tests are done.

Thursday, January 28

Car StalKing... life has kind of made a turn around...or a start of a new turn around and chapter of my life. I had a good talkin' to with a very good friend and i decided that i needed to change a little bit. Not go out and dye my hair brown change. As in my attitude and outlook on things and doing things like actually reading my scriptures and pray once in a while. Well, it's not like i've changed dramatically in a matter of a few days, but i've tried to have a better attitude. Last night driving home around midnight, the moon was just so bright and perfect and lit up the mountains wonderfully. To see those majestic mountains glisten in the moonlight was beautiful! I just got an overwhelming feeling of how grateful i was for everything i have. I seriously could go on for posts just listing my blessings...not that i will do that...but i really do have SO much. I had an absolutely hectic day last night at work and i left feeling hApPy and my attitude at work was surprisingly good. Yay for work....ha!
Well, about the whole car stalking thing...i think it is absolutely hilarious that as i walk to my car after my 7:30 class there are people in their cars sitting there staring at you. They watch your every move and as soon as they know where you are parked, they go in for the kill. You can't even sit in your car for more than two seconds because you're already blocking the parking lot because there is a line of people waiting to get your spot. Sheesh people! It's like a race to get to my car and get out of there before the stalkers come. But then again i don't have any room to talk because i have been guilty of the same crime...psych!! I too want that glorious parking slot right next to the building of choice. And do you ever feel awkward when you try to smile at somebody passing by and they just kind of glare at you like how dare you look at me! Ya...people need to be happy...because honestly it just makes it weird for both parties when you don't smile back...ok? ok :)

Saturday, January 23

CrEAmy CenTERs

so....yesterday i was in one of those moods where i was just kinda feelin' sorry fer myself. Plus i was SuPEr stressed about EVERYTHing!!! Work, name it. i just procrastinate till THE very last possible moment. Anyway, i was in the mood for a twinkie so i drove my butt down to the mini-mart only to find that there were none to be found!!! *sigh* so i bough a hostess cupcake instead. i got into my car and thought to myself....WaiT just one dern minute! Did i drag myself out here to buy a hostess cupcake...that would be a NO! SO i charged on to the local grocery store and guess what?!?! They too were out of twinkies. *sniff* i was about to turn away when i saw a box of them. What the heck :) i bought that whole box of twinkies. I successfully downed half the box and half of a hostess cupcake plus some yummy chocolate milk. Yay for me...that was totally my new years gain weight. HA! beat that all you peeps who go to the gym everyday. Just don't do it. It's much easier to stuff your face with fattening goodness not to mention that creamy center :) I don't usually stress eat, but treats + chick flick kinda helped things out temporarily. My next endeavor will to eat deep fried twinkies :D

Tuesday, January 19

If Music be the food of love, play on...

So...i've decided that 5 days in a row at work is WAY too much for me to handle especially when i work 11 and 16 hour days....BLA!!! How i made it to class this morning i'll never of those small miracles i guess. So...i keep having all these ideas to blog about, but i never remember them because my head is full of crap for school. Anyway i've decided that i'm never getting married. I'm gonna be one of those old ladies that sits on her porch in her little rocking chair with a rifle laying neatly across her lap. I can scare little kids that way. The whole idea of love is so...i don't know the right word...distant? to me. i know i've never felt for someone else as shakespeare put it, "Love comforteth like sunshine after rain." I think i'm stuck in the rain and no where to go. Don't get me wrong, i'm not saying oh poor pitiful's just i see all these people together and married couples and wonder...what is it like? I know the butterfly feeling in your stomach, but i don't think that is real love. Love to me is still able to look at them in the morning with their lovely morning breath and smile and still love them. Not that i would really have any clue as to what love is, but there ya go. I've just been randomly thinking that and thought i'd share.

Thursday, January 14


So, i'm pretty sure that the devil invented high heels. Purely to torture women. I don't doubt this one bit. Here i am sitting in my room one night thinking...hmmm, what could i wear tonight out on the town? Cool funky shirt, check. Cute jacket, check. Jeans, check. Highheels, check...wait what?!!!? WHy in the heck would i want to inflict torture on myself like that? I've decided that beauty is pain. There is such an image out there that women feel they have to live up to because i think that boys have that same image swimming in their heads too. One of my guy friends said he felt sorry for women because of the expectations society has set upon them. Not that i have to always wear what is in fashion. Before going out, i lovingly slip those sassy brown heels on and, bypassing the pain that will most likely ensue, walk out that door ready to face the world. But indeed there is a plus to heels i tell you! It's the fact that they make your butt look good. The fact that for some reason, when i put them on, i feel like a million bucks. Or it's the laugh I get as i walk out the door while my dad is calling me a french whore (he also still calls flip flops thongs and thinks that they are "poolside" shoes). So for now i will take the achy feet and comments! I will endure! haha...So girls next time you put on that favorite pair of heels, don't think twice. Just do it :)

Wednesday, January 6

I hate early mornings!!!!

so this morning i had a 7:30 class and i hate getting up in the morning. i would gladly stay in bed till 10 or 11 in the morning, but whatever. So i woke up this morning later than usual and i take foREVer to get ready. by the time i was ready it was about 7:10ish. I walk out to my car and get in and turn the key.....nothing. I turn the key....still....nothingness. Gah! seriously! so i didn't go to class this morning because my stupid car decided not to work. I have to say though that i have the sweetest mom! Here i am moping and she went and made me breakfast. Scrambled eggs and the most delicious pile of bacon i've ever seen. So it's kind of been a bla day, but guess what?!?! I'm going to eat Indian food tonight!!! I am flippin' addicted to that stuff :D So, hey what a great day! ;)

Tuesday, January 5

Lovin' the singles ward :D

so i probably should be studying right now but...i'm not. school has just started and i feel like i'm already behind on my classes. anyway there will be enough time to talk about school. Two days ago, being Sunday, i went to my good ol' singles ward. It was fast and testimony meeting and even though i didn't get up and bare my testimony there were many wonderful amazing testimonies given. I have to say i am so very grateful that i'm a part of the weber river ward. Everybody there are such examples and truly good people. I am so very blessed to have such great examples to be around. The great thing is that this ward is just like a family. i can talk to anybody and be friends with just about anybody in the ward. I actually got to go to fhe last night and it was so fun! i enjoyed laughing my butt off with people i enjoy being around and that i know they hold the same standards as i do. Yay for church!!
In other news....i go back to work on Thursday. Totally not excited for that! i've had about a week off and it has been pretty much amazing! I am lucky though that i actually like my job...haha. There are definitely small moments that makes the job very rewarding as a cna. I'm thinkin' i have THE best job ;) (well a nurse would be better, but seeing as i'm going to school for that, that's gonna have to wait.) So ummm...ya, not much to say, just waiting for my computer class...can't wait!! HA!....not.

Saturday, January 2


so...i decided to start a blog...exciting i know. Since everybody and their dog has one i figured huh why not. i'm not the most exciting person in the world, but what the flip i'll try it out. so ya there ya go...well, not too happy that school is starting in a few days. It hardly feels like i had a break! oh well, hopefully i can do better this semester and actually study. Ha! we'll see how that goes. i know that this post may have bored some to actual tears, but in the future i will try to come up with something a bit more interesting to write about.