Tuesday, January 5

Lovin' the singles ward :D

so i probably should be studying right now but...i'm not. school has just started and i feel like i'm already behind on my classes. anyway there will be enough time to talk about school. Two days ago, being Sunday, i went to my good ol' singles ward. It was fast and testimony meeting and even though i didn't get up and bare my testimony there were many wonderful amazing testimonies given. I have to say i am so very grateful that i'm a part of the weber river ward. Everybody there are such examples and truly good people. I am so very blessed to have such great examples to be around. The great thing is that this ward is just like a family. i can talk to anybody and be friends with just about anybody in the ward. I actually got to go to fhe last night and it was so fun! i enjoyed laughing my butt off with people i enjoy being around and that i know they hold the same standards as i do. Yay for church!!
In other news....i go back to work on Thursday. Totally not excited for that! i've had about a week off and it has been pretty much amazing! I am lucky though that i actually like my job...haha. There are definitely small moments that makes the job very rewarding as a cna. I'm thinkin' i have THE best job ;) (well a nurse would be better, but seeing as i'm going to school for that, that's gonna have to wait.) So ummm...ya, not much to say, just waiting for my computer class...can't wait!! HA!....not.

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