Wednesday, January 6

I hate early mornings!!!!

so this morning i had a 7:30 class and i hate getting up in the morning. i would gladly stay in bed till 10 or 11 in the morning, but whatever. So i woke up this morning later than usual and i take foREVer to get ready. by the time i was ready it was about 7:10ish. I walk out to my car and get in and turn the key.....nothing. I turn the key....still....nothingness. Gah! seriously! so i didn't go to class this morning because my stupid car decided not to work. I have to say though that i have the sweetest mom! Here i am moping and she went and made me breakfast. Scrambled eggs and the most delicious pile of bacon i've ever seen. So it's kind of been a bla day, but guess what?!?! I'm going to eat Indian food tonight!!! I am flippin' addicted to that stuff :D So, hey what a great day! ;)

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