Saturday, January 23

CrEAmy CenTERs

so....yesterday i was in one of those moods where i was just kinda feelin' sorry fer myself. Plus i was SuPEr stressed about EVERYTHing!!! Work, name it. i just procrastinate till THE very last possible moment. Anyway, i was in the mood for a twinkie so i drove my butt down to the mini-mart only to find that there were none to be found!!! *sigh* so i bough a hostess cupcake instead. i got into my car and thought to myself....WaiT just one dern minute! Did i drag myself out here to buy a hostess cupcake...that would be a NO! SO i charged on to the local grocery store and guess what?!?! They too were out of twinkies. *sniff* i was about to turn away when i saw a box of them. What the heck :) i bought that whole box of twinkies. I successfully downed half the box and half of a hostess cupcake plus some yummy chocolate milk. Yay for me...that was totally my new years gain weight. HA! beat that all you peeps who go to the gym everyday. Just don't do it. It's much easier to stuff your face with fattening goodness not to mention that creamy center :) I don't usually stress eat, but treats + chick flick kinda helped things out temporarily. My next endeavor will to eat deep fried twinkies :D

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  1. Deep fried Twinkies are amazingly good! Can't eat half a box of them though ;)