Thursday, January 28

Car StalKing... life has kind of made a turn around...or a start of a new turn around and chapter of my life. I had a good talkin' to with a very good friend and i decided that i needed to change a little bit. Not go out and dye my hair brown change. As in my attitude and outlook on things and doing things like actually reading my scriptures and pray once in a while. Well, it's not like i've changed dramatically in a matter of a few days, but i've tried to have a better attitude. Last night driving home around midnight, the moon was just so bright and perfect and lit up the mountains wonderfully. To see those majestic mountains glisten in the moonlight was beautiful! I just got an overwhelming feeling of how grateful i was for everything i have. I seriously could go on for posts just listing my blessings...not that i will do that...but i really do have SO much. I had an absolutely hectic day last night at work and i left feeling hApPy and my attitude at work was surprisingly good. Yay for work....ha!
Well, about the whole car stalking thing...i think it is absolutely hilarious that as i walk to my car after my 7:30 class there are people in their cars sitting there staring at you. They watch your every move and as soon as they know where you are parked, they go in for the kill. You can't even sit in your car for more than two seconds because you're already blocking the parking lot because there is a line of people waiting to get your spot. Sheesh people! It's like a race to get to my car and get out of there before the stalkers come. But then again i don't have any room to talk because i have been guilty of the same crime...psych!! I too want that glorious parking slot right next to the building of choice. And do you ever feel awkward when you try to smile at somebody passing by and they just kind of glare at you like how dare you look at me! Ya...people need to be happy...because honestly it just makes it weird for both parties when you don't smile back...ok? ok :)

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