Tuesday, January 19

If Music be the food of love, play on...

So...i've decided that 5 days in a row at work is WAY too much for me to handle especially when i work 11 and 16 hour days....BLA!!! How i made it to class this morning i'll never know...one of those small miracles i guess. So...i keep having all these ideas to blog about, but i never remember them because my head is full of crap for school. Anyway i've decided that i'm never getting married. I'm gonna be one of those old ladies that sits on her porch in her little rocking chair with a rifle laying neatly across her lap. I can scare little kids that way. The whole idea of love is so...i don't know the right word...distant? to me. i know i've never felt for someone else as shakespeare put it, "Love comforteth like sunshine after rain." I think i'm stuck in the rain and no where to go. Don't get me wrong, i'm not saying oh poor pitiful me...it's just i see all these people together and married couples and wonder...what is it like? I know the butterfly feeling in your stomach, but i don't think that is real love. Love to me is still able to look at them in the morning with their lovely morning breath and smile and still love them. Not that i would really have any clue as to what love is, but there ya go. I've just been randomly thinking that and thought i'd share.

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