Thursday, January 14


So, i'm pretty sure that the devil invented high heels. Purely to torture women. I don't doubt this one bit. Here i am sitting in my room one night thinking...hmmm, what could i wear tonight out on the town? Cool funky shirt, check. Cute jacket, check. Jeans, check. Highheels, check...wait what?!!!? WHy in the heck would i want to inflict torture on myself like that? I've decided that beauty is pain. There is such an image out there that women feel they have to live up to because i think that boys have that same image swimming in their heads too. One of my guy friends said he felt sorry for women because of the expectations society has set upon them. Not that i have to always wear what is in fashion. Before going out, i lovingly slip those sassy brown heels on and, bypassing the pain that will most likely ensue, walk out that door ready to face the world. But indeed there is a plus to heels i tell you! It's the fact that they make your butt look good. The fact that for some reason, when i put them on, i feel like a million bucks. Or it's the laugh I get as i walk out the door while my dad is calling me a french whore (he also still calls flip flops thongs and thinks that they are "poolside" shoes). So for now i will take the achy feet and comments! I will endure! haha...So girls next time you put on that favorite pair of heels, don't think twice. Just do it :)


  1. Personally, I love heels. My legs look excellent in high heels. I probably only wear them because of that and the reasons you mentioned. I hear that they also make girls butts look better, but I've never evaluated that part! Just today I found that high heels + traversing snow = REALLY sore thighs! Ouch!