Thursday, March 25

mR. dARcy

wow...i'm a terrible blogger...i I don't really ever have anything profound to say or atleast anything somebody would really want to read. I'm assuming anyone is going to read this...haha. So, life is just great. I still work my booty off and pretend i care about school. Ha! I haven't been so gungho on working out an hour every day. I've just been so flippin' tired from work that i just don't do it. Which isn't helping my chances of winning the contest at work....oh well.
Spring break went by and i pretty much worked, but i did spend a lot.....LOT..of money on scrubs and clothes. Which by the way.....nobody, well at least my friends just don't understand the excitement of buying new scrubs. I spent an hour trying on scrubs because i'm super picky about them (that probably is a tad weird and anal on my part) I did buy some new clothes though (what's the point since i work all the time..hardly have time to where normal clothes, haha)
I have to say that i LOVE movies like Pride and Prejudice. In fact, i watched it yesterday and my heart just started pounding when Mr. Darcy (insert heavy sigh) at the very end came to Elizabeth and asked her to marry him....again. I guess i'm a hopeless romantic and Jane Austen's stories have always been a favorite of mine. I just love the way they talked and the way men were true gentleman (not that you can't find a few of those today). I just fall to pieces when i watch those films. Maybe someday i'll find my Mr. Darcy, haha...until then i'll just have to settle for the perfect hollywood version. ;)

Friday, March 12

life has been going just peachy keen for me. and what a great day because next week is my spring break even though i don't really go to my one class i have on campus anyway...haha. work is just blissful as always. work we have started this "biggest loser" thing and who ever loses the most percentage of their body weight wins. i plan to win.....(insert evil laugh)
so everyday i've been working out an hour in the morning and it feels A-mazing!!! i love the feeling. i feel like i'm doing something good for my body and all i gotta say is it ;) haha...i am actually going to workout right after this because i have chosen to sit on my duff most the morning doing absolutely nothing. it's one of those things that i hate to have to get up and do, but once i get started i love it.
random i think old couples are absolutely 'em. i was taking care of this lady and her husband sat next to her all day. he would pat her head with a cloth and caress her hand and tell her that everything was going to be alright. Looking at those two i almost cried because he was constantly there for her. That's exactly what i want...a marriage that will last and have a man who will always stand by me no matter what. Maybe even one of those old guys who will hold his wife's hand and go grocery shopping with me when we are 80 years old :) that's all....haha...

Monday, March 1

WhaT a grEAt daY!

So last week was (scuse my french) super shitty. i procrastinated everything and left everything for school till the last minute. I had minimal sleep and thought i had lost my folder with all my papers for my nursing application. Everything was crashing down on me all at once. I seriously thought that i just hit a brick waLL going 90 miles and hour. I had been trying to do everything...the 15 in general by myself. But it doesn't work that way!!! I needed to include Christ in my life. He's just waiting there for me, but i wasn't letting him in. And let me tell's SO much easier to just let him take over. I was feeling so completely lost and really felt like giving up. Honestly i've NEVER felt this low in my life.
I feel so great today! Today is a new day and it's time for me to change. Both my annoying computer classes are over and i turned in my nursing application today....*woot woot* With that stress gone hopefully i can pay more attention to my more important classes. Sometimes it's the simple things that we tend to forget or look over. Christ has SO much loVe for us that all he wants us to do is come to him. I have needed his help for so long and it feels wonderful to feel his love! This church is really so great and TrUE!!! My heart is so full with gratitude. Heck...even my day started out great with having to wake up for a 7:30 class.
I feel super happy and like i could take on the world....don't worry i'm not gonna get ahead of myself here. Baby steps are what i need...haha. It has been a beautiful day today and I took a couple walks to the post office and such. This weather is amazing! It's 45 degrees, but it feels so warm to me ;) Well off to do some chem homework (bla) and rock on to PAramORe :D