Thursday, March 25

mR. dARcy

wow...i'm a terrible blogger...i I don't really ever have anything profound to say or atleast anything somebody would really want to read. I'm assuming anyone is going to read this...haha. So, life is just great. I still work my booty off and pretend i care about school. Ha! I haven't been so gungho on working out an hour every day. I've just been so flippin' tired from work that i just don't do it. Which isn't helping my chances of winning the contest at work....oh well.
Spring break went by and i pretty much worked, but i did spend a lot.....LOT..of money on scrubs and clothes. Which by the way.....nobody, well at least my friends just don't understand the excitement of buying new scrubs. I spent an hour trying on scrubs because i'm super picky about them (that probably is a tad weird and anal on my part) I did buy some new clothes though (what's the point since i work all the time..hardly have time to where normal clothes, haha)
I have to say that i LOVE movies like Pride and Prejudice. In fact, i watched it yesterday and my heart just started pounding when Mr. Darcy (insert heavy sigh) at the very end came to Elizabeth and asked her to marry him....again. I guess i'm a hopeless romantic and Jane Austen's stories have always been a favorite of mine. I just love the way they talked and the way men were true gentleman (not that you can't find a few of those today). I just fall to pieces when i watch those films. Maybe someday i'll find my Mr. Darcy, haha...until then i'll just have to settle for the perfect hollywood version. ;)


  1. So does that mean that you are as excited about the "pride and Prejudice and Zombies" movie as I am?? ;)

  2. yes...i will be awesome :)