Friday, March 12

life has been going just peachy keen for me. and what a great day because next week is my spring break even though i don't really go to my one class i have on campus anyway...haha. work is just blissful as always. work we have started this "biggest loser" thing and who ever loses the most percentage of their body weight wins. i plan to win.....(insert evil laugh)
so everyday i've been working out an hour in the morning and it feels A-mazing!!! i love the feeling. i feel like i'm doing something good for my body and all i gotta say is it ;) haha...i am actually going to workout right after this because i have chosen to sit on my duff most the morning doing absolutely nothing. it's one of those things that i hate to have to get up and do, but once i get started i love it.
random i think old couples are absolutely 'em. i was taking care of this lady and her husband sat next to her all day. he would pat her head with a cloth and caress her hand and tell her that everything was going to be alright. Looking at those two i almost cried because he was constantly there for her. That's exactly what i want...a marriage that will last and have a man who will always stand by me no matter what. Maybe even one of those old guys who will hold his wife's hand and go grocery shopping with me when we are 80 years old :) that's all....haha...

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